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The human jaw is one of the most primal, functional, and emotionally loaded parts of the body. Tension here can result in many ongoing health issues. There are few treatments that work as well as Cranial Work to free this tension from the body. Once we release jaw pain, we too, are released!

Jaw Work

The human jaw is a doorway. Beyond its biological functions, it serves to regulate our connection to Source, to Spirit. It is a door that often slams shut when we are out of Truth and out of touch with Spirit. When it is unheld and relaxed, the breath flows, the body is easy, the blood streams, and the flexibility of life is once again our heritage. 

The unusual thing about receiving jaw work, is how seldom people believe in the need of it until they have experienced it. I believe a human body cannot be in tension if the jaw is freed from stress.

Jaw Work is not a modality per se, but a way of working in which I can bring several modalities to bear on freeing the jaw from tension. This can work in several ways.

Firstly, a jaw session can be devoted to handling the structural considerations that have led to tight--hypertonic--jaw musculature. In this case, we focus on many areas of the person that either contribute to or are affected by the poor mechanics of mandibular activity: internal and external jaw muscles (I use nitrile gloves, with permission), muscles of the tongue and hyoid bone (the throat), upper cervicals (namely, the atlas and axis), the mediastinum tissue of the chest, the upper rib cage, the cranial nerves and arteries, the maxillae (which are strongly involved in swallowing), and usually the piriformis muscles around the sacrum. In dysfunction, some combination of or all of these can conspire to keep jaw tension in place. A  jaw session can also be 3 hours long, in which case a second therapist can be involved to act as an assistant in the process. For the 3 hour sessions we will incorporate every technique possible--when or if called for--to approach jaw trauma, discomfort, or tension from as many angles as possible. The jaw deserves a great deal more attention than it typically receives in hands-on healing work.

Why is this?

I am not a scientist--I do not link up proofs and statistics--but in my more than 15 years of working with people I have noticed that the jaw is a portal of humanity that often holds the most emotional, physical, and spiritual "baggage" of any in the human system. It can be extraordinarily loaded. The Centers for Disease Control has estimated that around 10% of the American population has TMD--temporomandibular dysfunction. I think that number is way off, because most people don't even know they have a problem with TMD until their jaw muscles are touched, and then--wow! If most of us knew how much tension we carried in our mandibles, many of us would be unable to cope with the pain. The human being is wonderfully adept at self-splinting, and this bone, in particular is the site that receives it the most. I would put the number of TMD sufferers in the American population at closer to 80%. In my years of work, I can remember 1 person--one!--who had no pain with slight palpation to the jaw muscles, and I nearly always work with the jaw. It governs so much of how we function.

To do Jaw Work, we may need to set up ritual, to approach the altar of this highly charged and sacred bone with reverence and respect. This is specialized work of a high order. Please contact me with any questions or comments you may have about how this work may be of benefit to you.

To keep a healthy jaw, here are some points to consider:

Chew on both sides of your mouth, breath in only through your nose, be mindful of allowing your jaw to hang but without efforting (teeth not touching), say your peace, say less than you need to, do not gossip or read gossip (dark jaw energy), beautiful words equal a beautiful jaw, go to the dentist regularly, reduce your caffeine intake, let your jaw be loose during vigorous exercise, keep your jaw relaxed during orgasm (a lot of tension can build up at this time if the jaw is held tightly).


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