The following websites are links to the work of my teachers and their schools, in order: Paul Davenport and all the wonderful faculty at the Florida School of Massage, Hugh Milne at the Milne Institute, Robert Moss, Giorgia Milne, Charles Ridley, Uncle Frank Ansell, Paul and Julie Casson Rubin, Dr. Michael Shea, Carey Smith, Karen Delahunty, Carol Verner, Ken Frey, and to Gil Hedley. To them I owe many thanks and blessings for their wisdom and care in their wonderful teachings. 

Florida School of Massage
The Milne Insitute
Robert Moss 
Giorgia Milne
Charles Ridley
Uncle Frank Ansell, Nungkari
Paul and Julie Casson Rubin
Dr. Michael Shea
Carey Smith
Ken Frey, The Barral Institute
Gil Hedley

In addition to my teachers, there are a number of health-inducing people in the Asheville Area who I know, trust, and love, who have in their own ways, been a kind support and help as I've built my practice here in Western North Carolina:

Dr. John Leonard PT, Dr. Susie Gronski PT, Lisa Hibler, Keith Idell, Catherine Cope, Linda Emerick, Lazlo Paule, Zach Comer, Stephen Opper, Leyli Brackett, Jessica Mark, Aradia Ocean L.Ac., Cheri Brackett MA, Lavinia Plonka, Carrie Day, Sally Stuckey, Quinn Achard PA-C, Luvia Jane Swanson D.C., Sheila Bochicchio D.C., Dr. Amira Rainey PT, Elizabeth Frost N.P.

I wouldn't be able to do what I do without the support of my wife, Katie Kasben, our two beautiful children, or my dear family. Thank you from the depths of my heart.

Finally, I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to the traditional custodians of this land, the Cherokee, on whose land we do our work: Wado Udohiyu Utsati!

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