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We often forget that the human body is uniquely qualified to function, without virtually any interventions on our part. Biodynamic Cranial Touch is a beautiful way of working that leaves the healing entirely to the client. You can do it! Your resources are more than enough! Great for trauma work!

Biodynamic Cranial Touch

This work is the essence of achieving much by doing so little. In Biodynamic Cranial Touch, the goal of the practitioner is to be in Primary Respiration with the patient. Primary Respiration is, in my belief, the rhythm of Nature, the rhythm of the heart beyond the heartbeat itself. It is a 50 second in-breath and a 50 second out-breath. It is the breath of Life. In abiding in this Life tide a practitioner is able to act as a sort of conductor for the stillness to manifest, not only within himself, but between himself and the patient and, ultimately, within the patient herself, by a process called attunement.

In biorhythmic attunement, there is a cessation of polarity, of right and wrong, of problems and solutions. It is almost as if--indeed, IS--the patient is handed a reprieve from the World of doing, and may find herself in the World of pure Being. In such a place, we often find that words and conceptions, ideas and notions about the way things are or the way we are, are irrelevant, and when we return to the world after session, we are more whole in our sense of ourselves, in ways we cannot describe. This means, also, that whatever physical strategies of dealing with the world become, in their own ways, somewhat obsolete. This leads to a lighter, less heavy body.

My wife once asked me how I felt after I had received a Biodynamic Session. It took me a long while to answer, as I cast about for anything that would convey my experience to her in good words. I finally said, "Do you remember being in Paynes Prairie, in Florida, looking out over the water, with open fields and birds all around? It's like that. I'm that Prairie, right now."

Biodynamic Cranial Touch works best when we release expectations or outcomes and allow the deeper aspect of self, that works on a level far beyond what the mind can conceive of or anticipate, to do its job.

Biodynamic Cranial Touch is excellent for "treating" the following:

  • disconnection
  • lack of groundedness
  • major life transitions
  • mild depression (please consult a licensed mental health practitioner first)
  • anxiety
  • insomnia
  • a feeling that "something isn't quite right"
  • feeling "lost" or "not connected to the body"
  • disassociation (please consult a licensed mental health practitioner first)

I also offer Biodynamic Cardiovascular Therapy, which is splendid work for improving the flow of blood through all parts of the body.

"You're setting me free. It's amazing." 
- P.P.