Craniosacral Specialist in Asheville | Cranial Sacral Therapy for Anxiety

Elemental CranioSacral Work™ differs from other styles of Cranial Work, in that we draw on far more resources within and outside the body to empower and relief the Central Nervous System. We go deeper. We feel more. We become more!

Elemental CranioSacral Work

"The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness." 
- John Muir

Fairy tales abound in stories of woods and wildernesses--places we dare not go without bread crumbs, magic rings, and guardian spirits. But what are the "wilds" we first hear about as children? They are--or at least they represent--our inner worlds, the unknown selves, that for many of us mark the final frontier of our experience on Planet Earth. We know very well the look, feel, sound, smell, and touch of the outer world we inhabit, yet could we say the same about our inner bodies? We speak of a soul, and what is a soul? We speak of blood and tendons, but what do we know of them, unless our doctors tell us? Who are we? What do we find when we trod the uncharted paths into the wilderness of our selves?

Elemental CranioSacral Work™ is a Way. It is a way of working, and of perceiving, more than it is a modality consisting of techniques and treatment plans. While it certainly embraces the value and skillful application of a well-honed hand placement, the one true goal in this style of working with people is to empower the elemental inner resources of the recipient to manifest and maintain her or his own optimal state of being.

And what is "elemental?" Elemental is that which is foundational, simple, indivisible, related to the powers (elements) that shape and shift the world, the forces of nature--in short, all of these together at once.

Taken together, with contacts designed to enrich and enliven the self-actualizing Central Nervous System, with a therapist's gentle and compassionate heart, with the forces that animate our very fluids that are only too happy to dance--we can achieve far more, without attachments to outcomes or a forfeiture of our power to the tyranny of our symptoms.

This work must be experienced to understand it. It is not linear or overtly scientific, nor is it entirely Taoist. Practitioners of the work do not match or treat patterns, but seek to help the recipient transcend them. We do not go against the grain but with it. We do not induce still points, nor do we focus on them when they do occur. We do not correct, because "to correct is incorrect (M. Feldenkrais)." We do not abide only in stillness, as in Biodynamic Cranial Work, because stillness is life, and movement, too, is life; we therefore have both.  We do not dissect the recipient with words, while he is alive on the treatment table, calling him this muscle and that bone, this disease or that lesion. No. We work with the whole of her elemental nature. We do not seek to name or diagnose, for who can? We move, or we don't. This is the same with the recipient of the work.

And who is the recipient? The one who receives him or her self.

“In stillness, still, life flows.” 
- Brian Loftin  

Healing Work

As an integrative physical therapist myself, I’m always on the lookout for ‘good hands.’ Brian not only has excellent hands but his ability to tap into areas of your body that you didn’t even know exist is amazing! He’s intuitive, compassionate, and truly a gifted healer. Brian is able to go into the depths of your body both physically and emotionally with such ease and gentleness. To say that he’s “just a massage therapist” doesn’t do Brian justice. He’s a treasure to anyone who crosses paths with him and I for one am blessed to be one of those people. Thank you, Brian, for unlocking the barriers within my body so that I can freely live my life’s vision.
— Susie G., Asheville (from Yelp)